Sunday, December 16, 2012

It has been a great week for Isla

 We are still doing our chemo.  So far, so good.  During this round of chemo we received a new drug, etoposide.  I was quite fearful, however Isla is handling it okay again.  Without fail, she is amazing me again.  I am very proud of her.
Her extended family is such an intricate part of her comfort and healing.  

So for whatever reason this week seems good.  I am not so afraid.  I am feeling a bit more comfortable and confident taking this on.  Isla even took her medicine at one point this week and proudly proclaimed, "I didn't even cry!  It is working!  I am all better!"  

The horrific shootings in Connecticut on Friday have changed my outlook as well.  I am thankful for every day with my girl (even the ugly days).  We can't take back those events, but we can make sure our immediate world is filled with a little more patience and love.  Our current culture breeds this type of discontentment and purposelessness.  I think strong family and communities are the important base that so many people are missing.  Just feeling incredibly grateful I can be a part of a loving family and community.  

Thinking and praying for two other friends whose babes are struggling in the hospital this week.  Also excitedly awaiting the healthy birth of a friend's baby in the next week or so here.  Looking forward to Christmas.


t3reese said...

yay! so glad to hear Isla's doing so well. really wish we could come and visit. and yay for babies coming SOON! :-)

JenScoville said...

You at remarkable. It's no surprise Isla is too. I hope Christmas is magical for you all. I miss you.