Thursday, June 28, 2012

Teresa's Baby Booties

Isla sends these off to Morocco with love.

It took me forever to truly finish these because I do not know how to weave in ends for crocheting.  If anyone knows of a good tutorial you should share.  The small vintage rose buttons were given to me from a crafty friend (who loves buttons I should add, we spent one whole craft night just going through her button collection).  The booties were made from leftover sock weight wool yarn and I just love the way they turned out.   The pattern is called Crocodile Stitch Booties by Bonita Patterns.  Very fun to crochet.  Crocheting is new to me, but I am now convinced of its quickness and beauty.

I made this top too, although mine is not as cute as hers.  You gotta practice this stuff right?  I will try to post a pic of that soon.

I have been doing a big craft project which is kind of a secret until September - which sucks because it is pretty awesome and I want to share now.

Also worked on getting all the invites made and out for my little sister's wedding.  She liked them a lot which is all that matters.  Maybe a post on that to come too.  We will be rocking out some etsy bridesmaid gowns too. 

And in our spare time we are completing the Summer of Fun 2012 LIST!  I was sick on missing out on Michigan's summer awesomeness just due to busy work lives.  We are treating the weeknights like they are vacation days.  We are swimming, we are growing veggies, we are going out a lot to the ice cream parlor... and I couldn't be happier about it.  Maybe I will post that list soon too.  Because there is still a lot of time to fit that fun in too.

I will leave you with this awesome picture from our Mom's Group outing today.  The planner hosted an International Mud Day Party.  What a riot.  You may be suprised how many children do not like getting muddy.  Have a great week.  We are off to the lake!