Thursday, April 26, 2012

"There is no bad weather, only bad clothes!"

I enjoyed a wonderful morning today feeding the ducks (not feeding the invasive mute swans - as always they were being inappropriately aggressive) with some Isla aged friends and some moms.  It was not particularly warm, not sunny, and had the potential to rain.  I called one mom prepared to tell her we could cancel if she would like and we can move it indoors.  Her reply, "Oh we would prefer some outside time if you don't mind.  Max loves wearing his rain gear."

"So does Isla!  Great!  We will see you there."

Another Mother showed up who initially thought we were a bit crazy, but then agreed the outside time would be good.  She had just watched a short documentary recently about Kindergartens in Norway that are almost entirely outdoors.  I found the film and wanted to share it.  Inspiring.  To think I was going to pass up an outing due to the chance of rain.  These kids show it is our fears keeping them inside, not theirs.

I have outdoor expeditions to thank for much of my confidence, my close relationships, and my love of nature (and I didn't camp or pack until I was 14).  I have personally witnessed very young children overcome amazing challenges (both mental and physical) as an outdoor educator and facilitator.  The great outdoors provides creative learning experiences that cannot be mimicked in the classroom.

At one point in this video you will see the instructor teaching the five year old how to use a match, at another point how to use a hammer.  Risk can be managed so that it provides an atmosphere of learning and growth.  Trying to "protect" our child from every little thing, may present more harm than good.

I love this video.  It embodies many of my beliefs as a parent and also just as a person.  I hope you like too. 

Winter gear babies enjoying that snow at 0, 1, and 2 years of age!  Doesn't really add to the point, I just like seeing that daughter of mine.
Speaking of the "no bad weather, only bad clothes" line... I have so many Michigan friends that do not have good winter gear.  I know we aren't northern Norway, but it gets cold here!  It is much easier to embrace the wintery outdoors with some comfortable and warm boots.  Plus winter gear can be as fashionable and warm as summer gear.  I LOVE these mukluks.  Still waiting for the day I can afford them.  :) 


t3reese said...

AWESOME video! Such a great idea. What lucky kids!

Gloria said...

I agree t3reese - lucky indeed!