Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Pinterest RAVE & RANT

Dear Pinterest,
When I first laid eyes on you I couldn't believe we hadn't met sooner.  In but an instant I was able to gaze at hundreds of beautifully crafted garments, bedding, home decor, etc that perfectly represented a favorite crafter's unique style.  I was connected to several people's work that I had not encountered before and loved.  I was inspired to complete some of my own projects.  I was inspired to photograph and write and live a little more fully.  To seek out what is beautiful and good in this world.  To grab a little picture of that beauty and hoard it away on my own little, perfectly-organized, magnificent pin board.. . .

...then three hours passed.
THREE stinking hours people!  During this time I had accomplished zilch.  My old, no-longer-good-enough house was dirty (I need some copper penny tiling or a bathtub that changes colors with my moods), a child was crying from somewhere (where was that quote I just read about loving parenting and that recipe for homemade playdough?), and I was still in my pajamas (which is so not my style... I can prove it, just look at my "so stylish" board).  Like some people do with facebook, I was sucked in to the max, always being just one click away from fulfilling a need.  A need, mind you, that I only just discovered I had... once I started navigating Pinterest. 

So here is my gripe... looking at beautiful things on a computer screen hardly gets us closer to having those things.  In fact, I would argue that the exact opposite happens.  We waste time not being in our own life or not appreciating our own blessings.  It reminds us of what we don't have.  Eight billion copies go out of some ridiculously rich architect's master bedroom reading nook.  It seems strange.  Like who cares?  Would I love to be in that room, reading in your nook? Yes.  Is it beautiful? Yes.  Will I spend 10 grand to add a similar nook in my home?  No.  Why?  Because it is crazy and because I already can read anywhere I want.  The reading nook is a particularly appropriate example.  I mean who doesn't want a reading nook?  Am I right?

Additionally Pinterest, there is no differentiating between commercial and handmade goods.  Frustrating!  It bothers me a bit when a handmade sweater that took several months to create is thrown on the same "my style" board that has some sort of hipster urban outfitter sweater made by machine, or worse yet child labor.  Although these sweaters may look similar in style, their beauty is a bit more complicated.  It is more than just how they appear and with you Pinterest, the "more" part just gets summarized in the smallest of links once you click the photo.  That sucks.

And ladies - please stop posting air brushed photos of women in your "fitness" section.  Goodness, I can promise you that no amount of ab workouts will be able to get you looking like your lower ribs were removed.  Unless you digitally take them in or literally get your lower ribs removed.  Who wants to do that?

I am not a hatter.  The food looks (and often tastes) amazing.  I have already made several recipes found easily with your quick search function.  I do love feeling inspired.  I will continue to glance at knitted and sewn items that I can only dream of creating someday, in hopes that I do log off and actually create something myself before several hours pass.  And moms - keep posting!!  You have so many creative ideas that I am using on a weekly basis.  Love it.


PS: Does anyone else find they have this love/hate relationship with Pinterest?  Please share if you do.


Jamie Archer said...

Completely agreed. Well, almost completely, but not quite.

The first time I discovered it, I too found hours had passed, and I only realized that after I realized my vision started going blurry and I had a headache. Image overload at its finest. I'm also a dreamer, so it's easy for me to pass away the time getting lost creating a perfect world. However, Pinterest also gives me hope of creating a world around me, a real one, that is do-able and affordable.

Why don't I agree completely?

Because I WILL have a book nook one day! Not a fancy million dollar one, but one fashioned out of a deep closet. I can't wait :-)

zebe912 said...

This is why I won't even let myself start. I'm good enough at feeling inferior, all by myself. I don't need other peoples' craftiness to encourage that. Not to mention how much time I already lose to the computer without the additional addiction. Nope, I'm just going to stay off of Pinterest AND Ravelry!!

Gloria said...

Right on ladies. Jamie - I love reading nooks so much so I hope that you are able to have one.
Zebe912 - No you should definitely get on Ravelry. Plenty of ugly knitted things there too which make the good ones really stand out.