Tuesday, March 13, 2012

On the needles

Rock Island
Love this shawl so I am giving it a try - click on photo to see original.  Rock Island Pattern by Jared Flood.

And on the hook... I have been making these basic crocheted roses for no real purpose.  They whip up quickly and are pretty.  I am thinking they would be nice on a headband or barrette.

Extra sock yarn is being used to make these Nordic Star Socks by Jan Malone for myself.  I wouldn't expect a finished picture of these in anything less than a year.

Also extra sock yarn - crocodile stitch booties.  More on these later... a new crochet pattern by Bonita Patterns.

Not related to what I am knitting - Tonight on the Vogue knitting site I came across the most disturbing photo.  Why are those feet not touching the ground? 
Also not related to what I am knitting - My college roommate made this beautiful quilt for my daughter.  I love it.  The apple is heart shaped and has her name on it.  Every leaf is a little pocket in which we can hide things.


t3reese said...

Oh my gosh you're making to booties! They are so so so cute. I also love that shawl. Hope you're using that color :-)

Gloria said...

They are for you. Thanks for the crochet inspiration. It was a fun new challenge and I love the way they turned out.