Thursday, March 1, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day to the husband!

I like Valentines day.  It is a chance for us to sneak a date night in and a small amount of giving.  Also an excuse to send people chocolates or love letters if you want, however because not many people get into it... there is no pressure to do anything really.  I love that.
I used to have a nice silk eye pillow, that Kevin would borrow on those early work mornings.  It was lavender scented and purple... and soon after Isla was born it got covered in baby vomit.  Bummer.

The new one has no lavender scent, as requested.  Only flax seed.  The pillow was created out of cotton fabric scrap and made larger for my man's large cranium.  I think the smaller one may have been a better size.

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Doug Benson said...

I am not your husband but would like to order one of these. My wife watches Television when she shouldn't and I am forced to endure the glow. How can I get one?