Tuesday, February 28, 2012

What I am into this week

Crafting like a mo-fo lately, but haven't uploaded any pictures.  We ran into a large hiccup with the shirt where I cut the sleeves on the wrong bias and didn't realize it until I tried it on.  Yikes!  The sleeves stretch length wise, but not width wise so they are terribly uncomfortable.  Taking out seams on stretch fabrics blows!  I will get there.

Working on a pair of beautiful crocheted booties, a children's set of mittens, some muckluck style felted slippers, flax seed embroidered eye-pillow and some fair isle socks.  Happy to say that all these things are from scraps.  Sad to say that I am not sure I have enough yarn to complete all the projects as I have started them, but we will see.

So for a random list of other things that I am digging:
  1.  Hunger Games - I love the lead girl Katniss and the general story line.  A quick, fun read.
  2.  Time Banks - Give an hour of help, get an hour of help.  Read more about this here.  Find other ones in Michigan here.  There was one in my own neighborhood!  I just signed up yesterday.
  3. Lebanese Garlic Sauce - Um, I am into this every day of my life, however this week we managed to make our own with this recipe.  Don't forget to add the oil so slow, it must emulsify.  This should take you at least 20 minutes to make due to the slow pour times of the oil and lemon juice.  Cold eggwhites too or else you won't get that wonderful texture.
  4. Taking in your own clothes - came across this Cotton and Curls site and tried it out.  Turns out taking in your own pants is super simple and I enjoyed an entire work day yesterday with my pants actually staying on my waist line!  I am so over lower back/butt crack exposure.
  5. Terra Exotic Vegetable Chips - They don't pay me to advertise, but they should.  I like all the flavors and I can finish a bag in one setting under the likely false impression that they are good for me.

That is it.  Hopefully some pictures soon.   


tatara said...

I like that "crafting" and "mo-fo" were used in the same sentence. My mom hooks rugs in the ann arbor area..she always talks about getting together with "the hookers." ...red light rug hookers....har!

Gloria said...

Har indeed... what a cool lady! Thanks for commenting.