Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Sewing Challenge

Someone pointed out (Teresa!) that I did not commit to any challenges in the New Years Resolution Post.  I have a found a perfect challenge for me however that I would like to share with you all.
The Monthly Apparel Challenge!
The challenge is to complete a new garment every single month of 2012.  Why? Well it gives you a great sense of pride to create yourself, overtime you save money, you have the ability to wear things that fit you exactly, you are challenging yourself to grow your skills, and you get pretty clothes.
While I have been messing with some fitted garments I will not limit myself to this type of sewing.  It is extremely time consuming and seeing as I only work part-time (and a lot of that work is outside), I don't feel I will get as much use out of these.  So I want some comfy tops and skirts that I feel confident in to wear when I am being a mother, neighbor, and friend.  I may even add a pair of pants. 
So here's to mastering my pattern making skills, sewing with knits skills, making clothes that correctly fit skills.  Even if the clothes don't come out perfect, it will be great learning opportunity (this is something I struggle with big time... but you know what, you have to fail sometimes to get better... sad truth).
I will be sewing other things too and still knitting along the way, but this way I have some pressure put on for actually completing 12 new items of clothing this year.  How fun is that!
My hope too is in this challenge I will have created base patterns for my size.  I will be more confident in looking at something and then actually making it myself. 
My book collection about clothes sewing, so far time spent reading has exceeded time sewing.

Basic T Pattern from Design-It-Yourself Clothes
You really have to prep for these types of things.  I have so many books so most, if not all, of my patterns will be from my at home resources.  I will be starting with a basic knit T.  Wish me luck.

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