Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Moravian Stars

Alas, we gave all them away, but Brenna hasn't picked hers up yet so I have a few photos.  I posted on these a long time ago, but was never able to discuss the waxing technique, which is actually a big part of all this.  I couldn't find it online so here is what I did (sorry - no pictures of the waxing process).

Double boiler made by placing pie tin with water on the burner and then adding another pie tin to the top.  Medium heat works just fine.  Place a block of parrafin wax in it to melt.  Put your star right in the pan too and ladle melted wax on top.  Pull out and glitter quickly over the pan.  Totally fine if it mixes in with the other wax because you want it all glittery anyway.  Take it out and put it on wax paper to dry.  This takes maybe 4 minutes.  EASY BREEZY! 
They make wonderful ornaments, gift tags, or parts to mobiles.  

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