Friday, January 20, 2012

Baby Shower gift

So I think I broke blog-photograph-rule #1 here.  No night time flash photographs.
But I had to pack this baby up and send it off to Melissa in Cali.
You can't tell from the photograph, but this is quilted and also has some stabilizer.  This is a change mat with pockets on the side to put in a couple diapers, baby wipes, and other baby basics.  Roll it up and throw it in the stroller for trips to the park.

She is happily expecting a girl, but a tough one... so no girly ruffles here.  I do like the hearts.  A bit of femininity.

This is an old close up of the leg warmers made from other left-over yarn.  The booties I posted before.
Not my pattern - Liss directed me to this one.  Baby-on-the-go kit - Nicole M Design


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shannon blocker said...

Very cute Gloria, I think you need to go into business! Love and miss you guys!

Gloria said...

Thank you Brenna and Shannon. I find that sewing (like running) is the most fun when it is finished! Having your own business takes an amount of discipline that I definitely lack. :)