Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Homemade Birthdays

I don't know why it did not occur to me to do this sooner.  This year for Isla's birthday I made the invitations from my scrap box and simply scanned the invite and posted it to facebook.
It worked out perfectly.  I get to make something in honor of the little one, the invite gets a bit of the homemade touch, paper is not wasted, and the RSVP management is minimal.  Plus I like the look of the hand written paper product (like this one).

 Please don't mind the smearing.  That was done digitally so no creepers call me.  Notice all the pom-poms in the background.  I have big plans for some birthday garland for the 2 year old beauty.  Another way to use up those little end bits of yarn.
 Thanks to Whip-Up for the great garland idea.

This is a photo of Isla's 1st Birthday.  These tissue paper balls were made from recycled wrappings from my baby shower.  They are super easy to make and very festive.  Tutorial here.

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