Friday, November 18, 2011

Felting seems fun

Between these soaps from SoFino and...

These gorgeous acorns from PipandOlive...
I am pretty sure felting is calling my name.  I may make some acorn garland or maybe some soaps myself.  I started by buying the roving below from ColorBugYarns.

Please let me know if you have tried felting before and have some great resources for project ideas, otherwise I am just going to jump in myself and potentially ruin the gorgeous wool I just bought myself for my bday.

Reminders for the Michigan kids... Detroit Urban Craft Fair is coming December 3rd and 4th.  Also,
I just received this beautiful necklace from my in-laws from Motawi.  This local tile company is right here in Ann Arbor!  Their jewelery is reasonably priced and very pretty so please take a look.  Holidays are right around the corner.  Enjoy your local shops.

I have more randomness.  My husband had two great music videos he cut this past year... here and here.  Enjoy.


Jessamy said...

It is fun. I have done a bunch of felting.

t3reese said...

What exactly is felting??

Gloria said...

Jessamy - Do you already have the needles and such? Want to show me the ropes sometime?

Teresa - Check out the link on the word felting. Mostly it is shrinking the space between wool fibers...either by agitation with heat and soap or manually with special types of needles that you poke in and out of your fabric.