Friday, July 1, 2011

All types of balls

I am digging some of these patterns and thought I would share.
For the knitters - Oh Balls! Pattern by Marcie Nishioka available here.

For the crocheters - Sylish hair elastics Pattern available from Pickles here.
For the sewers - Patchwork Soccer Ball Pattern available from Anna Maria Horner in her book Seams to Me.
We made the one above for a friend's' first birthday.  I remember Isla really being into balls at the one year mark.  Actually, as you can see by this photo she is still really into them.  I have cut fabric to make her one too (a great way to use up old fabric), but the hand sewing took longer than expected.  Although I can't imagine trying to match up those corners using a machine.

While we are on the topic of balls... these are disgusting.  I have seen them at least 10 times in my life and to me that is 10 times too many.  I get it.  You have a big truck.  Freak nasties. :) Article.  Have a happy forth!


t3reese said...

Gloria. I just tried to follow your "these are disgusting" link and I was blocked due to a security policy prohibiting "category violence."

Also- what do you do with those knitted balls?

Gloria said...

It links to the company that makes a pair of balls for your truck. They are nasty!
As for your second question. I would throw them, display them, use the small thread and needles and make awesome beads with them, wash them to felt them in different colors and make a mobile with them. Or juggle! Thanks for your faithfulness to the blog! See you soon.