Thursday, June 23, 2011

Plants of all Sorts

My Mother-in-law made me a beautiful garden!  I didn't know how to do it or even that I wanted to do it at all.

But now I love it!  Every time she is here she pops something else into the ground.  And now I am doing the same which is allowing for an impressive garden relatively quickly.  I have caught the bug for sure.

Whenever I mention the type of flower I like, Denise brings it the next week.  This year my first poppies came up!  And I am also looking forward to my cone flowers and tiger lilies blooming soon.

As I enter my third year as a yard owner, many of my plants are looking full, healthy, and happy.  There is nothing fancy or landscaped about it. Just a ton of gorgeous (almost all free) plants weaving in, out and around each other.  I LOVE PERENNIALS!  

Unfortunately I am still not growing my own food.  We are however, taking part in a local CSA this year.  I got my first box a couple weeks ago!  So exciting.  I love it.  I hope to do it next year too.  We had stinging nettles in there!!!  WHAT!?!  I looked up what I was supposed to do with those plants and came across many delicious recipes for nettles here.
Gotta get that sting out first!

What a great blog.  I love his love for Michigan and his passion for food.  Check it out if you have time.

And I got to try my hand at a bit more wetland plant identification last week.  Love it.  I am appreciating plants in a way I haven't done since college.  Speaking of which, I need to get back at some point. 

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