Sunday, June 26, 2011

Our Home

 If you use something, anything a lot, you have a certain awareness about its shape, its place, its value that you don't have with things packed away or stored up.  Like my sewing machine or knitting supplies.  I use them often so I get a chance to re-org the materials every time I clean up .
My home never followed this pattern until recently.  Kevin and I both worked full time and long hours.  Since I wasn't there much I didn't care much if things got dirty or not.  It was a place to watch a movie with your man and sleep.
With Isla at home now, I have three separate groups of people coming over to assist with her care.  This house gets used.  It feels like a real home.  I have this romantic 1950's vision of families using their space to the fullest.  Raising a family of six in a 2-3 bedroom home with a small kitchen.  Due to cost, most families repaired their own homes, but I bet it was also because of love.  It was once a lot more challenging to purchase a home to begin with so I feel like you would really appreciate one if you had it.  The best part of my home is that it has been around so long that I bet one of those families has lived here and raised a family here.
This house is small by most people's standards, but that allows for no wasted space.  That allows a certain warmth in my opinion.  It allows for every room to have some art work and attention.  It allows for most rooms to be special and purposeful.  It allows for hearing your baby from any place in the house without a monitor be it giggling or crying.  It allows for a certain feeling of resourcefulness, especially when we have guests and I love that.  Truly less is more.
One of my favorite pictures of all time!
I feel blessed to own my own shelter and share it with the people I love.  Having more would be too overwhelming for me, not to mention too expensive.  At least at this point in time, everything fits perfectly.  I am very grateful.  


Brenna said...

That is the best photo ever!

Gloria said...

Thanks Brenna!