Thursday, May 26, 2011

Paper Bag Skirt (my first pattern that fits me!)

First, credit where it is due.  This pattern was found on Grosgrain, made by Adventures in Dressmaking.  I thought the pattern was very beautiful and it looked simple.  I am very pleased with the end result.

I will be making another one soon for Cassie for a late birthday gift, hopefully in pale yellow (although that was the original color I wanted and was unable to find it).  I hope she has better luck.

Differences to the pattern:
- a longer belt so I could make the whole bow instead of just the knot,
- pleats leaning away from center instead of towards, and
- two inches in length added to the bottom (the maker is one of those cute, tiny girls).

For Cassie's:
- same changes made above and
- move pleats closer to the center of the body.

This is a simple pattern if like me, you are new to clothes making.  It is great for hour glass figures as it hugs the waist and blooms over the booty. 
I haven't told you all of my new secret plan.  It is kind of selfish, but I would like to make me a copy of all the things I sew.  I realize that most of my favorite crafted things are far from me (hopefully with people loving them as much as I would).  But yeah, I like homemade stuff so I am going to start getting some.


t3reese said...

so cute! how can i order one of those?

Gloria said...

you get one for free - can you wear stuff like that where you are? If so we will make you one when you get back to the states.