Monday, May 16, 2011

Comfy T-shirt Dress

Before: This style shirt picked up from a thrift store.   I wanted to make more tights out of it since the stretch content was so high, but instead inspired by this woman's work.
After: The banding used for the top of the dress and the straps.  The only measuring involved was wrapping this around the baby's chest and it made her so angry!

So the t-shirt tube was left in tact (basically a hug tube top) and simply scrunched to become the same length as the chest strap and sewn in.  I think it was a girls size medium top.  Napping baby so I couldn't measure an appropriate length, so it was guessed instead and a ruffle was added to the bottom to complete the look.

We have been freezing in Michigan, so the cute summer dress must be layered over actual warm clothes. 

But good success with the length.  Not only does it look good as a dress, but with appropriate leggings and a top it makes a cute skirt too!  Most importantly, it is comfortable. 

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