Friday, March 18, 2011

What I am into this week

Well I should start by mentioning what I am not into... natural disasters.  While I have the utmost respect for nature and her power, I am deeply saddened by those struggling in Japan.

This leads me to one thing I am into that I don't practice enough of... charity.  Some of my favorite international non-profits are Doctors without Borders and Heifer Project International.  Practicing Catholics are taught to give tithing, or as I understood it at the time, 10% of your income to the church.  Although I did not actively participate in the religion after college, I decided that I would donate to charities of my choice each month.  I think at the time I was making about a thousand a month, so I decided $50 each month could go somewhere great.  I loved it!  This only worked out for about five months.
Americorp - no money, but I figured I was giving with my time
Part-time - saving for my wedding
Unemployed - slightly depressed and a little too self focused to give to others
Non-profit work again - doing the marriage budget and just gave periodically when the mood striked me
For-profit - practically forgot about giving financially altogether, found myself with many more material "needs".  Basically tried to match what I perceived as the living standard of the successful white collar folks who surrounded me.

So now I am a mother and a part-time worker which has allowed for some serious reflection time.  I am reminded of this study which basically reveals that the lowest fifth income level in America gives the highest percentage to charity when compared to the other four.  The wealthiest gives the least (percent wise).  My life matches this pretty much exactly.  Now that I have steady work, I give only as asked, to support family, friends, and co-workers.  I started volunteering a couple weeks ago and it feels so great to even help a little bit (I am only doing 1-2 hours a week).

A call to my other 10 readers I guess to spend a couple hours of your time or a couple dollars of your money to help a worthy cause if you don't already.  It allows for some much needed focus on things that are important to you.  So I am into it this week, and I would like to be into it every week. 

Okay - less serious.  Isla likes Sesame Street YouTube videos.  Here are my favorites

Will I Am

Jason Mraz

Patti Labelle

Found the mother-art below on google by David G Baker.  I love it and would like an original.  Please... any wealthy secret admirers out there?  Be sure to look at his other work on the website.

Okay, I know I am way behind on the BANKSY knowledge, but how fun is this guy!?!  I really enjoyed the film Exit Through the Giftshop, and the talent of many of the artists in the movie.  The dedication to the craft is what wins me over every time.  Even more enjoyable is some of the follow up commentary on what the movie is actually about.

Finally, the moon. Be sure to check it out tomorrow.


Melissa said...

Hey Glo, check out for micro volunteering opportunities,

Gloria said...

Liss, I got an account today. Very cool site. Thanks for passing along.

mohit said...
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