Sunday, March 6, 2011

Recycling Knits

Cute Isla tights that are too small for her.  Cut out old cotton/spandex blend shirt a couple inches longer.  Basic baby tight pattern available by Rae here.
What are baby tights without a bit of booty ruffle?  Stretch cotton scraps cut into long rectangles and folded over.  I went for an inch thick ruffle.

Sew sides of rectangles and turn inside out for clean look.  Ruffle by using a basting stitch and then pulling thread until ruffle has desired fluff and length.

For me that was about six inches.  All rectangles are ruffled to six inches.  They are attached on with the zigzag stitch while the booty of the pants are stretched out.  This way the stretch of the pants is not compromised.

So I was very pleased with the turn out, but I had a napping baby so no one to try it out on.  Yes, that is a Christmas decoration you see in the back ground.  Until I get something else over the stairway that lights up so nicely in the evening without being obnoxious, the Christmas decoration is staying up. :)
They fit!  Next time I will certainly be making the ruffles higher.  I should add that with a rotary cutter, these were uber fast.  You could whip a pair of these out in less than an hour and they make a wonderful gift.
Feeling a little more confident with the knits, I did some reverse applique on this plain tee with the scraps from the Isla project.  Sunday morning shots while lazying on the couch does not really do this shirt or my bed hair justice, but it is what it is.


Jessamy said...

Nice idea! Might reverse applique my brand new tee that got a burn mark on it with the tags still on. Was a sad day.

Bethany said...

Sis! Stellar job! Isla's behind has never looked cuter! Also, I want that shirt. It's awesome.

Melissa said...

Love, I want a pair of ruffle booty tights,