Saturday, February 5, 2011

What I am into this week

I should make an entire blog called "What I am into this Week" seeings how I am easily excited by everything, but lack the patience to see any of those things through to the end.
So with no further ado, the things I am into this week...

1) Bikram Yoga - got a great deal on groupon. After my 10 classes are up I can probably not afford to continue, but in the mean time this 90 minute workout in a room set to 105 degrees is crazy intense and makes me feel uber powerful every time I leave. My favorite pose is the Dandayamana–Dhanurasana.

2) Snow Days - The whole country has been hit hard. Most people in my area got Wednesday off including my husband. It is wonderful spending a day indoors with your whole family. Plus babies in snow suits are pretty stinkin adorable.

3) Ravelry - Knitters unite to showoff their most beautiful projects. I like finding patterns by cyber stalking people with more style than I and seeing what patterns have been worth their time. So much good stuff out there. It also is inspiring me to finish my own projects.

4) Origami - I will buy the paper strips this week to start making moravian stars. Aren't they beautiful? I love the mobiles (like the one below from theStarcraft) available on Etsy.
Papercraft madness.

Also I found this origami tea bag by Russian designer Natalia Ponomareva. Not for sale, just a concept, but amazing never-the-less.

Love this guy's work! Wish I could see this in person.

5) Science Friday on NPR - this week's article on daphnia is fascinating. A pleasant reminder of our place on earth.

Have a great week!

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t3reese said...

I love those stars (and babies in snowsuits)! I have a strand here that I need to put up, but it'd be great to have a mobile! (wink wink). Or maybe just the paper....I need a new project!