Monday, November 8, 2010

PA and lots to say...

The only thing better than one clothed-adorable-big-eyed-baby girl is three of them! Kevin and I just got back from a long weekend in Pennsylvania visiting my college roommate Jennifer. Jenny and Nick make the most beautiful babies and ever since they moved to the east coast we only see them sporadically. It was time for a catch up.
We met the first day of our backpacking biology cluster (sounds lame, but actually awesome) and have been close since. This is us in 2003 in our first rental house. It isn't the best picture, but it is the only college shot I really had that was digital. To appropriately date us I will mention I got my first cell phone that year. Another roommate of ours, Jessica, is in the middle. While she doesn't have any babies yet, you can be sure that the minute she does we are throwing them in the tub with ours!!
Isla did well with the 10 hour drive. Kevin drove the entire time and we listened to our favorite podcasts including Knockin Boots, Stuff you Should Know, and stories from the Moth. Check out all of them. They are awesome. Unless you have children over a year old... in which case the Knockin Boots podcast would be largely inappropriate. Anyway, Nick made us Indian food from scratch. I am talking pressed-his-own-paneer scratch. It was delicious. I was able to assist with the Mulligatawny (a creamy broth soup with delicious depth). Both Jen and Nick don't realize how in their own way they are so often doing incredible things. I want to try making my own Thai food (but not my own fish sauce, that is brave).
Here are two of my closest college friends, six years after college is out, taking at walk at Ursinus where Nick is now working. Look how beautiful!

Thank you guys for an awesome weekend. Jen is super crafty and whipped up some amazing costumes quite early this year for her daughters. It inspired Kev and I to do the same.
My beautiful baby girl dressed as a disgruntled older man. We love it. There will be plenty of time to make her a princess, but I had to get this in before she was old enough to make her own decisions.

All the supplies for her awesome little front loader were purchased from the scrap box in Ann Arbor. I believe I spent like 4 bucks for all this. These stores (Lansing and Detroit) are such a great way to get rid of things that aren't easily recyclable and to pick up things for costumes. They often have yarn and fabric scraps galore for cheap cheap. I love the the vintage colors of some of the fabric.
Hope you had a great Halloween. I am already looking forward to Thanksgiving and Isla's first birthday!

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