Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Mittens and More!

My baby sister got in a car crash this past week. She walked away from her second totaled car in three years! It is crazy. We are so happy she is healthy and happy and with us. Amazing!

My mom lost her Christmas mittens in the first accident with Cassandra. She keeps talking about them. So I made her some cool socks instead. These she never wears and mentions again that she really loved the mittens. So to honor her love of warmth we are making the mittens above again for handmade Christmas this year. I want a pair of these, but haven't had time to make them. Every little color dot you see is a four inch wool chunk lining the inside of the mitten so it is uber warm! Eventually the extra wool will mat to the wool mittens and become a nice felted layer.

While I was searching for that photograph I found all sorts of random crafts that I have made, but never posted about... so here is some random crafting projects from the first year of my marriage. Above - the Kevin and Gloria stockings. My machine can stitch some lettering so I top stitched Kevin's on the top. I did not use a pattern and should of. We still hang these at christmas, however we are unable to fit more then one small thing in them. Isla's will have to be much larger. :)
Purple is my favorite color, especially for baby girls! This is a bib made for Gianna. It is gender neutral with the little trains and sailboats on it. The binding is was picked up at a scrap store in Lansing and I love it!
Probably shouldn't be posting this flattering picture, but it makes me happy. It perfectly sums up our first months as a married couple. We didn't have any friends in the area and I hadn't found work yet. Our evenings were spent in this little apartment with Kevin playing video games and me crafting (we only had one chair which we shared during movie nights). I had big plans to sell my work online and redecorate everything! The pillow I am making here is gaudy as all get-out. I don't really have a style yet so I am just trying my hand at everything!

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