Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Gifts for Isla Friends

If you live in the States you are going to find that by the time a baby reaches one year, most people of my socio-economic status have everything they need (not want necessarily, but need). Consequently, those of us who have the gift giving love language (Don't know your love language you say?! Take the QUIZ.), are truly stumped by what to give these family's that could possibly feel special.

LOVE LANGUAGE SIDE NOTE: My parents used to head up the Marriage Prep classes at my church when I was young. The love languages book I still remember. It is just one more of those self awareness things that helps you not get pissed at people (we are all different, duh). Important to note is that you can give in one language and accept in a different love language. I give in gifts and quality time, but receiving gifts doesn't make me feel loved. I would rather have quality time or acts of service <-- good friends, please note :).

So I tend to lean towards the experience gifts (nature center passes, fun new class, play area passes, etc), the book (something you can use over and over, envokes thought and possibly inspiration), or of course the handmade gift (Thoughtful, often more beautiful than things at the stores and unique).

Well Dillon got the experience gift, 2nd cousin Andrew got the hat below (Isla modeled it beautifully), and Henry got the pillow case beneath that (not yet finished, his bday was celebrated early). She has no girl friends yet for which to make adorable things, but hopefully that will come.

Andrew's cap does kind of look like Where the Wild Things Are made with leftover yarn from Bethany's Vintage Wool Warmers (her gift for turning 21 - pattern and pic coming soon). The pattern is from a family circle magazine called Easy Knitting from 2002 and was supposed to be one color with tassles (glad those were ditched).

Henry's gift is awesome because this is all re purposed fabric (roommate Jenny made me these long fabric panels for my college dorm room 7 years ago)! Henry has a great passion for frogs so we will see what we can whip up.

PS. My sweater is complete. I will have WeakyKnee take some awesome fall pictures of it and then give that a post too.

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weakyknee said...

I love the hat and the pillowcase is AWESOME!!! So cute.

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