Friday, October 22, 2010

Colorful Love for Babies

Lately Isla is crawling underneath everything! It occurs to me I have not yet built her a fort of any kind at all. I open her blanket bin and realize how many gorgeous handmade blankets this girl owns! They must be showcased. And since she didn't really dig climbing under the fort as much as she dug ripping it down, I was able to fold them and bring them downstairs for their photo debut. (Not Photographed: Extra blankets from G Grandma Ritchie, G Grandma Robbins, and a crocheted blanket from Great Aunt Judy)
From top to bottom the Family Member (relation to Isla) and the craft:
Aunt Jen - Fleece tied
Great Grandma Ritchie - Crochet
Great Great Grandma Robbins - Knitted
Great Grandma Robbins - Sewn
Great Cousin Chris - Crochet
Great Grandma Jones - Knitted
Great Aunt Linda - Sewn Quilt

So right away you notice all the 'Great's in there. Two comments here, one; the value of a homemade gift seems highest in these older generations and two; Isla has a large loving family. I don't know if I have mentioned it before, but when she was born Isla completed two five generation links.Here we all are on the Robbins' side. Grandpa, Mom, Great Grandma, Isla, and I. Great Grandma has recently passed and I am so grateful we took the time to photograph. As cliche as it sounds, having a child really changes the way you view your family and your place in it. I love being a part of such a large loving family. I have another wonderful picture from my Grandmother's side, but it isn't digital yet.
And veering from that slightly, ok not so slightly, I would like to talk about baby food. So cute, right!? Making your own baby food is fun, affordable, healthy, and smart. This was another great baby shower gift, Cooking for Baby. Basically, all you need is a food processor and some ice cube trays. They are perfect serving sizes and blended to whatever consistency you would like. Above are some of Isla's favorites... peas, brown rice, sweet potato, peach/plums, and whipped cauliflower. I made the peas first. It was a smart plan because the minute you see the color difference between your home blended peas and store bought, you will be convinced to put in the extra time.

Trying to do the right things or the best things all the time can be particularly challenging when you are a new mom. So this is my general opinion... spend your time doing the cost saving, handmade, eco way as often as you are able (if this aligns with your values obviously). With the money you save, cut yourself a break every once in a while. Isla is mostly cloth diapered, but our dryer just broke so I used high end all natural disposable brand in the interim. I did not try to go out every couple days to the laundry mat to dry them. I don't know that Kevin and I could afford this diaper brand all the time, but we can every once and a while. The healthiest commercial baby food also comes at a cost. But since she is mostly fed from food at home we can get her a bit of the nice stuff to supplement when I work a full work week or something like that.

It does take a village. Denise makes baby food when she has extra produce and my mom gets food for her too. Family (or Pepsi) - Gotta have it.

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