Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Magazines and Mohlenbrocks

You may be asking yourself if I ever craft anymore at all... I do. Actually I am working on the sweater above right now (Interweave Knits, Summer 2010), but I like to use the blog sometimes to showcase some other stuff I enjoy. My sweater is a light pea green, and I need to add the sleeves still. If it turns out to be cute, I will definitely post.

Pg 54 of WIRED sent me to to check out peer to peer renting - what a great concept! Let people borrow things you aren't using and make some cash. You can also avoid having way to much crap by just borrowing something for a couple bucks a day instead of buying something you may only use twice. Point-in-case is the ice cream maker we have had forever that we have only used twice, straight to goodwill. It currently only has a few things on the the US version although in Europe I think it is doing very well.

And finally, I have just come back to Ann Arbor after a wonderful week in Lansing at a Wetland Plant Identification Class with Dr. Robert Mohlenbrock (this guy is the real deal). It was awesome to see some great nature so close to where I grew up. I also love being in a situation where you realize you know so little. As a know-it-all type, I appreciate being respectfully humbled by other more educated people every now and then. There were a lot of amazing plant lovers in the class. It was put on by the Michigan Wetlands Association (newly formed so they only have a facebook page right now).

I am pretty sure I want to be Bob now after reading this interview. I would be happy to do half the things he did by the time I am 80. Inspiring.

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