Friday, July 9, 2010

This week's great things

"Gary, I just can’t believe that after months of research that’s the chair you chose."
Hubby and I are reading Catalog Living all the time and laughing our booties off. Please enjoy.

My husband's ex-co-worker's wife (did you follow that?) has opened her own crafting business full time called GUSSY!! Kevin knows I love my crafting, so when he heard he sent me the link. I don't own any of her bags yet, but saddled down to her blog the other day and she has got an inspirational story. Nice work Maggie. It looks like you are becoming quite the success story.

While pumping at work, I read this incredible story in the New Yorker about This site leaks classified information to the public (that's you so go to the site and get some). I had heard about the site, but the back story is as good as anything you will find on the site itself. Exposed corruption!? I love that stuff.


Gussy said...

Hi Gloria! thanks for your email and your kind words!!! :] how's Michigan? we miss it...

Gloria said...

I think it is wonderful, but then again I am quite partial. Come back anytime! We are trying desperately to keep young talent here. :)