Sunday, May 30, 2010

Happiness and Updates

Above is my baby girl in the only thing I have really made for her, some knitted purple baby booties. Bethany snapped this shot when Isla and I were crazy tired from the whole birthing process. One thing I very much appreciate about Bethany is her ability to document the specialness of a situation, either mentally or digitally, that others forget to notice. There is also an ever so short video of Isla and I in the hospital after the birth just sleeping. That was beth too. Even though she is only 7 months old, I still watch that quick video and it reminds me how incredibly overwhelming all of this was and how pleased I was to birth a healthy baby. Yay for Isla! She is more fun than ever.
This is Isla's room. Don't worry, I have changed the light switch :). I didn't too much care for the blue and pink rooms. Plus, I want her to grow with it and I am too lazy to re-paint it again. Sometimes I feel like we have done enough with this house and I don't want to do anymore, then I realize how gross everything is and that I certainly must do something with it.
Anywho... let me post what I do care about.
A) Feminine, hand sewn lace curtains from world market! I love them.
B) Embroidered Mirror - this was my contribution to the room (and the baby of course, we made her too)
C) Star wars toys - that is thanks to Dad and her Great Uncle Kevin
D) Best of all - love note from grandma.

This is worth a note all of its own. Grandma Ritchie created a container for Kevin that wasn't to be given to him until he had his first baby. She passed away when Kevin was in his sophomore year of college and as I understand it, they were very close. She had only met me once, and Kevin and I were not even dating yet! So you can imagine how touched we felt when my mother-in-law brought over a large crocheted blanket for Kevin and I, a small crocheted blanket for Isla, and a small quilt for Isla. In the bin was a simple note that read "Take me along with you. You have made my life happy. Love Grandma". Things have been so good with us now having Isla here and it was as though she knew long before we did that that day would come.


Melissa said...

Grandma's note made me cry, but your update made me happy!

Gloria said...

You aren't alone. :) It was very touching.