Tuesday, January 12, 2010

2009 Check Back

Combining my love of lists and the importance of big picture life outlook...
The 2009 Significant Events List

- I started living in a house my husband and I flipped. This is a very satisfying feeling.

- Kevin and I lived with another person here. Since we had been married it had just been the two of us so this was something to get used to. She was a fabulous cook and terrifically clean.

- We got pregnant!

- I completed my post graduate GIS certificate from Penn State.

- As the economy grew worse in Michigan I experienced and watched layoffs of friends and family. Kevin and I have been lucky to remain employed this year. It seems every month is a gift in this regard.

- Running regularly at work up to four miles and regularly attending prenatal yoga (not at the same time... you think I could run that far when I was preggers!?!)

- Seeing the west coast twice! Once with my husband and once with his entire family as we watched Liss and Larry tie the knot. Family full vacations are way less challenging then I would have expected and extremely fun.

- Touring Alcatraz island at night. Amazing.

- Watching Kevin complete his motorcycle training.

- Birthing our third family member with no complications and falling in love with her.

- Breast feeding for the first time.

- Experiencing hospital thanksgiving food... don't do it.

- Spending two weeks with no work with my husband while we tried to conquer this whole parenting thing.

- Living without my own car for at least a month and depending on others for rides.

All in all this was as significant of a year as any other. We are glad to bring Isla to the world! On to a successful and significant 2010.

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weakyknee said...

it was a wonderful year! so glad to be here to witness it!