Sunday, November 8, 2009

A Few of My Favorite Things

Randomness to follow, I will use each pic as a starting point for blabbing about something else... why you may ask??? I don't know, this is how my mind works.
So some of my favorite things...
Embroidery! - I went on a wonderful weekend trip to visit my friend Teresa in Madison. They have a fantastic farmers market, friendly people, bike lanes everywhere, lakes on both sides of the city, and some really cute crafting boutiques. Others who have been there would certainly agree that this is one of the great Midwest towns. While there I picked up this great Craft Pad by Jenny Hart of Sublime Stitching. You can iron these patterns onto anything (multiple times never-the-less) which means Kevin and I finally have some reusable napkins. I think those little guys are partridges. Either way I love them and I aim to make more.
Rugs! - With a home filled with hardwood floors and winter (plus cuddly baby) on the way... I know we need to be looking forward to more floor comfort. The rug above started with a t-shirt I bought Kevin in college that had been completely worn out. I have torn it up and used the long cotton strips as yarn. I will continue with old t-shirts we have lying around the house until this guy is big enough to put somewhere. The only challenge for me is the coloring. It matches nothing, but all that cotton underfoot does feel pretty nice. I am considering this rug, for the baby's room. Oooh I love color.
Baked goods and fresh food - This is related to the last trimester of pregnancy. I can't get enough fruits. I crave them in baked things, frozen popsicles, fresh, in desserts... any way I can have them mostly. With the plethora of fresh picked blueberries we gathered in august we made some awesome muffins from this book (perfect, not too sweet) and I could still continue to eat a handful every morning on my way to work until about a week ago. If you are also craving some delicious fruity baked goods, please go to the farmer's daughter blog. I have made her strawberry pie and her apple walnut bread. Simple, straight forward, and stinking delicious.
First Generation Prius! - Yep, a car... for all my discussion of sustainability, being outside, spending quality time with others, making and creating... I was kinda in love with a car. I generally hate cars... the quickly loose their value, are costly with repairs, cost you monthly fees for insurance (or car loans), and you almost have to have one if you are living in Michigan. Public transit is nowhere where it needs to be. Well this little guy was driving like a new car with 171,000 miles on it when a flashing light came on my touch screen. After the repair shop told me it was nine grand to repair this bad boy, I had to cry a little and pass it on to the next person. The summers were getting us 50 miles per a gallon! I just hate that I have to invest in another car so soon (spending money sometimes makes me sad). Hybrid parts are way expensive to replace. I don't care what anyone says, it feels great to drive those cars.In-Laws and Alcatraz Prison - I enjoyed another extended weekend in San Francisco with my husband's family to celebrate Melissa and Larry's wedding. Two words to describe my in-laws - giving and fun... all of them! If you make it to San Fran, you have to go on a night tour of the old Alcatraz Prison, it has the potential to be completely touristy, but the parks service there makes it an amazing experience. Stepping onto the island felt like stepping into a post apocalyptic video game, with an old rusty water tower, abandoned and crumbling buildings, and graffiti. A well put together audio tour makes you feel like you are there with the prisoners and the island offers a beautiful view of the city skyline. Really, go there.Intertidal Species! - Some of creation's (meaning evolution's, mother nature's, God's, whatever your belief system's) most amazing organisms. I studied these a lot while in New Zealand and everytime I get to be near an ocean it is time to show a little appreciation for these critters. They're amazing in that they can live in salt water... high tide comes in and they are submerged in it. Sure many things live it salt water, but do they live outside of the salt water as well? Intertidal plants and animals can also live in fresh water (when rain fills in little pools during the low tides) and in straight up dry conditions (with some California beaming sunshine)! They are adapted for all three living conditions and yet barnacles are often passed quickly over as boring. Don't even get me started on limpets. They feed by scraping a little teethy tongue over the rock face to collect algae, but then return to the exact spot from where they came from. Their shell actually grows to fit this shape of the rock crevice so when that beaming sun comes down, they can seal themselves to the rock and stay moist and alive. This seal is incredible. A human can not pull this 2 cm creature off the rock with their hands alone. For lab when collecting a few I had to carefully attempt prying them from the rock with a knife. Scientists are still trying to figure out how they can find their way back to that one spot... complex pheremones? internal compasses? Lots of hypotheses... no answers. Enough biology for the day. Time to rest this cold away.

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Farmer's Daughter said...

I'm glad you like my recipes! I'm a big fan of the intertidal zone, too, but ours is slowly being taken over by the shore crabs (who are replacing the invasive green crabs...).

Pregnant minds must think alike :)