Thursday, May 28, 2009

For Arika

A reminder from Arika today... "post some belly pics!" Thank you Kevin for taking and cropping. I actually did not know that I was actually this big today until the picture was taken. Yikes! Blowing up like a blimp as they say... Are you supposed to show this much this early? Maybe not, but my baby does what he/she wants!

At ten weeks a few close friends started noticing, so we took a picture to mark the occasion.

I am very excited to have a little one in my home soon. Last weekend I was able to entertain two friends for most of the weekend and it was so nice. I really enjoy having a full house. Kev and I also went to visit some grandparents from his side of the family. I enjoyed an evening of looking through family photos, what a beautiful family he comes from.

This past week Kevin and I attended a meeting held by the MDEQ for public comment of some severe groundwater pollution working it's way east through AA.
If you are from Ann Arbor please focus in on the Gelman/Pall Plume. This 1,4 Dioxane plume (carcinogen) is already present on the west side of ann arbor and has the potential to contaminate Barton Pond (also where 80% of Ann Arbor residents get their drinking water from). Kev and I live at the tip of the plume right now and are hoping our representatives get their act together and require proper clean up from Pall Life Sciences, before it hits us too.

If I may rant for one moment, Michigan has an abundance of fresh water. The world population is increasing. We need water to live. It isn't a free comodity. There is a limited amount of clean water available. In michigan we have it, but we are polluting it. We have huge aquifers capable of providing clean water to many, but we are polluting it. I say we because it isn't one company. Many companies discharge to the ground. We buy their products, because we expect people to be honest and righteous and understand the impacts of their actions. But when they don't, we don't hold people accountable in the manner they should be. There are plenty of brilliant people out there who can help prevent this and effectively remediate some of the damage already done. I know this for a fact because I work with some of them. Bad companies... please pay the scientists to make your liability go away. It will save you the bad press and the money, not to mention the ability to sleep at night knowing you are doing the right thing.

That is my opinion of the evening. On a positive bedtime note, I would like to say thank you to the CARD group for all of your unpaid efforts to keep our water clean and to keep the public educated. It was wonderful to see so many passionate intelligent people gathered on Wednesday night!


Anonymous said...

Yes! Belly pictures! Thanks for posting :) ~Arika

Anonymous said...

Oh you are so big! Ha just kidding. Being with Maya this weekend and putting her to sleep gave me a severe baby ache. I can't wait to have this one in our lives :-)

weakyknee said...

The ultimate DIY project! (well not 100% by yourself but ya know what i mean). Also, I am so proud of you for standing up at the meeting. That took a lot of guts. I wish there were more future mamas like you.

weakyknee said...

You need to post more belly pictures now!