Sunday, April 19, 2009

Kitchen Remodel

I think I will slowly post the house remodeling pics, room by room so I can have a log of what we did and so you guys can see the results. We are very pleased with how everything turned out. This is Kevin and I's first home flip. We worked with Old School Construction (out of Ann Arbor) and a whole lot of friends and family (Thanks JONES', BENSONS, ROBBINS, Emily, Brenna, Caroline, Teresa, and Steve).

Before - All appliances removed, cabinetry sloppily put together, linoleum floors, the only entrance into the kitchen is the one you are looking at, strange staining all over the walls, chimney behind multiple layers of plaster and drywall, no ventilation

During - Three separate layers of floor removed to even floor bottom and add to space, all plumbing was found to be out of date and needed replacement, while walls where open - new insulation added and electrical completed, windows were replaced and chimney was cleared off, wall to the left taken out, new entrance added to living room, and ceiling opened up as well.In this pic a ventilation hood is still not connected, but above the stove is where it will go... with Kevin's cooking it seemed like a good idea to add one. Cork floor is added here, and appliances are moved in. Chimney is clear.

New windows and new trim thanks to some serious assistance from my mom and uncle rick, concrete countertops are added here. Water from sink is heated by a tankless water heater for energy efficiency.

Woodblock used for areas that we would like to be warmer.
Open shelving located just above the dishwasher for easy after meal cleaning. And the entire thing painted a lovely shade of purple! We love it.

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Anonymous said...

That is one of the most beautiful kitchens ever. You have done something that few will ever try. I am proud of both of you. I look forward to trimming your floors.