Sunday, November 2, 2008

Ultimate Craft Project

Crafting just got taken up a notch. Professional crafters (plumbers, electricians, carpenters) are assisting my husband and I in turning over an old 1940s home. Our first home never the less and it is quite the job. We have been busy busy busy trying to get this place ready for move in.
When will it be move-in ready you may ask? As soon as there is a working toilet I am in this place. I have lots to show everyone about progress made. Always take photos in the prep stages so you can be reminded of progress even when it feels like things aren't being completed as fast as you would like.
I think I will make posts by room as that would be easiest for those of you who haven't seen the interior yet. This is a foreclosed property that sat uninhabited for over a year. For those of you into home improvements, the repairs that have and/or will be completed include the following:
- New high efficiency heater
- Tankless water heater
- New Kitchen layout
- Exposing and Restoring old chimney
- new toilet, tub, and tiling in the bathroom
- carpet pulled and hardwood floors buffed up and refinished
- painting
- lifting kitchen ceilings
- Replacing old windows
- chopping down the jungle that is my backyard
- installing new appliances
- concrete countertops
- IKEA cabinets
- new lighting fixtures in kitchen, dining, bathroom, and hallway
- patching wall holes
- reparing trim
- Replace missing door

And there is probably more, whew... that was theraputic. That actually is a lot of stuff which would explain the general state of stressed out I have been feeling the past month in a half. We are making lots of progress right now though thanks to the following... Doug, Dale, Denise, Deb, Grandma Gloria, Bethany, Brenna, Caroline, Steve, Amanda, Emily, Grandpa, Bill, Uncle Rick, Smith, and our contractors.
I really appreciate the help that all of you have given us and for the help I know will continue to come.As Kevin says "Look, you can actually see the front of our house now!" We are getting there. Have a good one. More home repairs to do today. I look forward to showing you next, the chimney.


Molly said...

beautiful kitchen Gloria! You're just living the dream :-) Sorry I missed your call, I was already on with other sister Bethany. Love you!

Gloria said...

what!? that is the old nasty one... na na... we got something in store for you... look at kevin's blog to see where it is at now