Monday, November 3, 2008

Give me something better than that, Chimney

Nasty fridge compartment off of kitchen.

A Little Before
Try to open up the space by adding a half counter top and a new opening to the living room. Our goal now: Find the chimney underneath piles of horse hair plaster.

Almost finished exposing the brick, Kevin scrubs so fast his own arm is barely visible to the shutter.

As we are seeing the results of hours and weekends of hard labor I ask Kev "So do you think it was all worth it?"

"Uhh... not really."

I may agree, I love character and aesthetics, but I am not sure I would do this again by hand unless my back became much stronger and I was exceptionally bored. I do have to say that I like the fact it is all lumpy and uneven. It will give the kitchen some fun texture and the bathroom as well. Posts on that to come next.

Please view these inspiring kitchen pictures.

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