Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Old Hippy Quilts

Bethany joined Kevin and I this weekend for some Ann Arbor fun. We enjoyed the last days of the pool being opened, picking some rasberries, cooking lots, a long night at the casino (mostly to prove we can still have last minute fun), and crafting.
Everytime Bethany comes over she sleeps with this quilt I made Kevin while we were dating (above). I really like that she always grabs that one first and then tells me how nice it is, even though I still largely find it tacky.
I was largely inspired during that time to make my own green crafting book. In fact I think I have a picture somewhere of this...

So here are the pants that I purchased from Salvation Army. Crazy colored corderoys! I chopped them all up into little squares and made a boy quilt.

Here I am late at night at americorp quilting with my first sewing machine, courtesy of my current boyfriend (now husband), Kevin.
Too funny, this was only 2 and a half years ago, but it feels like a long time ago. Anyway, the quilt stays in the blanket box nowadays unless we have guests. Thanks for the fun weekend Beth and Kev!


Melissa said...

I'm fixing to buy a sewing machine with my first paycheck. What brand/price point do you recommend for me? I just want to make some skirts and curtains and such, nothing fancy.

Bethaknee said...

I had the best weekend! Lets do it again soon. I love that blanket! Its so soft and perhaps I pick up on the love energy that you put in it. Its like sleeping all night next to a Gloria. :) Happy Anniversary!