Saturday, August 16, 2008

Missing the outdoor time...

Michigan Summers

2004 Vacation with Family - Harbor Springs

2005 Vacation - Traverse City

2006 Wedding - Backyard

2007 Vacation - Lake Superior

2007 hanging with family - Lake Huron

2008 Hiking with Friends - Ann Arbor

Crafting is good, but getting outside is key to a happy life. Before we get to the grind of fall and winter, GET OUTSIDE! Visit a state park for an afternoon, go swimming at a city park, go golfing with your old man, take your mom on a hike, volunteer at a nature center, something that ensures you get a taste of this wonderful season. Makes ya feel good! Enjoy the weekend...


Anonymous said...

Can we PUHLEASE go camping soon? I need an outside trip with you. You rock.


Anonymous said...

I think what you need to do is invite your dad to golf with you! It is always fun, especially if you run weak smack! I shot 4 over and it was one of the two times I swung the sticks this year. Thanks babe.


Anonymous said...

also, I just saw the title of the four "backsides" picture. We vacationed near Harbor Springs that year, I don't think it was Benton Harbor...maybe you meant "Benson Harbor" If that is the case then you are solid. Your blog is great, the photos are always interesting and I always love reading what you write. No bias.


Gloria said...

Nice Catch Dad, I should have you proofread all of my entries. I am always slop style to the max. Thanks. Love you.