Friday, July 4, 2008

Sustainability Style

Impressive trip to Philly last weekend to visit some old friends at my americorp site, Camphill Soltane. I would first off like to say thank you to Benjamin, Maja, Mia, Sara, Gry, Sylvia, Freddie, Eira, Zalene, Utpal, Jen, Sarah, Carolyn, Nate, Shawn, Matthew, and more and more and more. The hospitality here is phenomenal and I have been out of the loop for over 2 years it seems.

Soltane is a small community where adults with dissabilities and mentors work and live side by side so that the students may develop life skills and a sense of independence and purpose. They also learn to advocate for themselves and communicate their needs. It is a special place and I would recommend if anyone is looking for a break from the 9-5 to consider spending a half year or a year at this location. Organic food, beautiful homes, good people, and a great learning opportunity (I learned how to cook, weave, and sing here).
At the time the Soltane weavery only made napkins and rugs really for the homes in the community, still cool. Since then the weavery has become its own enterprise called in good company. Mia, Maja, and Sara have really pushed to make this an increadible venture. All workers create a fabric inspired from a focus theme. These fabrics are turned into hats, skirts, pillows, etc.! Hand drawings from Soltane residents are purposed into screen printed bags and soon to be tees. No website yet so I will promote it here. If you like the cap I am sporting on the top or the bag Mia is pulling off here then please contact or 484-986-4445 for more info. They make amazing gifts, no detail is missed... event the button is created by soltane potters. So Sweet.


Brenna said...

Holy awesome! That bag and hat both rock!

Anonymous said...

lookin good sis.