Monday, July 7, 2008

Crafty Family

This beautiful quilt was created my husbands grandmother. She created quilts and blankets for all the grandkids and even their significant others. I remember while dating my husband in college, this blanket he used every night that was worn to shreds that he still refused to give up. After she passed, I was gifted one of these quilts by my mother-in-law before I left for Americorp. It was so thoughtful and I aimed to appreciate by handmade art as my husband did. Love it until its worn. I believe this is the best way to show appreciation.

Grandma Ritchie certainly passed on her crafting skills. Both my mother-in-law and her sister are exceptional crafters, who both used to create their own clothes. Linda still sews quite often and Denise dabbles in all sorts of crafts. Due to this blog's focus on crafting, sustainability, and things I love I must show these candles.

My mother-in-law creates these candles with left over wax! Aren't they awesome? I love the blend of colors. She first gave these as a christmas gifts. I began to save all my old candle wax that didn't burn and pass it back to her. She spent the time to create the old wax into 10 additional candles for me. Thank you Denise.

Please also notice the link I have added to the blog on the top right. This is a wonderful blog currently based out of Ludington Michigan. It focuses on the positive in Michigan. This is such a unique and special place, her blog and mine aim to remind others about all we have here in Michigan to be thankful for. Please spend sometime looking it over and maybe even donating an article, picture, or story about your favorite things about this state.


Kevin Jones said...

Nice post, love you sweetie

Brenna said...

Gorgeousness. I want to make a quilt! Thanks for the shout-out, by the way. And how are you liking Pillars of the Earth? I really liked that book!

Gloria said...

pillars of the earth had a few tough scenes to get through... Teresa suggested it, and I am glad I read it. Pretty good.