Saturday, November 3, 2007

Busted Camera, but always time to share

Last Saturday a sister, myself, and a hot husband celebrated Stoutoberfest. This party began a year ago when my friends started a festival to honor their delicious home brew (it is awesome). Caroline and Steve went to great ends this year to make sure their German costumes had some authenticity. Frankenmuth charged 600 bucks for some of their costumes! What to do?! Its craft time.
Both Caroline and I are novice sewers, but within a couple hours we whipped up some lovely little vests. Turns out their is no limit to what you can do with an automatic buttonhole maker. I have the Viking Platinum 770, it is an amazing machine with tons of beautiful stitches. Next year we will be adding embroidery. I would really like to make a how-to for these vests. They are simple and I think that you could use them for any costumes where you need a tiny waist... sucks ya right in.

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