Friday, August 24, 2007

Letters make EVERYTHING Better!

I am starting a new job this week and life seems really hectic as of late. The time I used to spend relaxing is now time I spend freaking out.

When I went into work for some of my last shifts at the Nature Center I found a beautiful letter and card in my mailbox from fellow employees saying how much they appreciated me! It felt so affirming and kind. I was inspired to write about it.

I tried to sell some of my "junkmail" cards online at an etsy shop I started a while ago. They didn't sell and I just stacked them up and forgot about them. What a waste. Last week I made more and filled in the ones I already made and sent them all out! You may be getting one soon. There is nothing more wonderful then getting mail when you least expect it. Send a thank you card, a congratulations card, a "hey you are the bomb diggity card", and sign it "sincerely" because nothing is better than sincerity. It will make the days feel a little brighter for someone you care about. If you aren't good with words, find a card that speaks through its art. Beauty comes in so many different ways.

Both cards pictured are cards made entirely from waste product. Extra bobbin yarn, fabric scraps, received cards, etc. So get rid of some trash, make someone's day, and as my dad would say "live the good life!"


Bethany said...

I love living the good life!

Anonymous said...
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