Monday, July 30, 2007

Spinning, Yahoo!

Last friday I had the pleasure of learning how to spin my own yarn. A co-worker (who previously taught spinning) invited me over for a day of delicious eating and spinning. Such Generosity! We had vegan pancakes with fresh Michigan blueberries and for lunch we cooked a delicious vegan stir fry.
After those great meals, and my husband's delicious bread this week I have come to think I need more entries on cooking. This is certainly an art form of my husbands and I would love to share more on that.
Spinning is wonderful because it takes only seconds to learn yet probably years to master. I have a bag of wonderful alpaca fur from work and a co-worker's sheep wool. Anyone know where I can get a great hand-carder for cheap? Once I have that I should be set to spin sloppily on my own. If you are a knitter you have to try this. It makes you appreciate your yarns even more so. My next feat will be dyeing my homemade yarn with natural plant dyes.
Also, my camera is busted, but being sent in for a free repair by Canon. If you have a Canon digital then check this out. I would love to show you, how even my sloppy yarn has a wonderful homemade look to it!


Anonymous said...

you look like a little amish wife -molly loves you ;-)

Gloria said...

don't I though? It is weird (did I spell that right?)

Anonymous said...

hahaha weird, you always spelled that wrong, adorable